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Interior Design Trends 2024

Interior design is a constantly evolving field, with new trends and styles emerging every year. One of the most common questions we get asked when people find out we’re interior designers is “what is the hottest trend right now?” Although we don’t typically follow all the trends, it’s almost impossible not to notice them in our day-to-day work life between sourcing for clients and always keeping an eye out for inspiration for our next design.

1. Brown

One of the biggest trends in interior design for 2024 is the use of brown, particularly chocolate brown. We’ve seen brown come back in style a big way already in 2023 with more earthy tones like burnt orange and mustard yellow following closely behind it. We can get behind this one – the use of more moody tones after so many years of gray and white.

2. Texture

Another trend that’s already started this year is textured walls. We love this one and use it whenever we can. Limewash, Venetian plaster, and even faux finished walls have become more popular recently. Limestone, terracotta and wood are also holding steady as popular materials for renovators and new homes builders. Things are getting earthy next year!

December Blog
December Blog

Allison Green as Senior Designer at J Hill Interiors

3. Shape and Pattern

Next year we expect to see more unique shapes in furniture and a continuation of patterned wallpapers. We are big fans of wallpaper and present it to nearly every client. In 2024, we’re expecting to see more wallpaper installation on ceilings, which we’re not mad about!

4. Quirk over Common

In recent years, we’ve seen a cookie-cutter aesthetic, especially on social media. Safe color choices, homogeneous finishes, and predictable floor plans have saturated our feeds. We have always designed spaces to reflect each client’s unique needs and personality and we’re hoping to see that take off next year. Think artisanal pieces over mass produced, unexpected elements, and lived-in furniture. Quirky artwork or a surprising design choice add depth and character to spaces that can otherwise be rather predictable.

5. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Design

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are more important than ever, and this trend is set to continue in 2024. From the use of sustainable materials like bamboo and recycled textiles, to the incorporation of energy-efficient technologies like smart home systems, clients will be asking to incorporate sustainability into their designs in new and innovative ways. By choosing eco-friendly products and incorporating sustainable design practices, we can create a home that’s both stylish and environmentally conscious.

An overall trend towards making homes unique and more personalized to the individual homeowners is coming. Creating more defined spaces instead of open floor plans, allowing clients to curate more intimate meaningful moments unique to their specific home.

Photographs by Charlotte Lea Photography