Curated Coronado Condo Cover

The Design Process

Discovery: the part where the design is dreamed of

To begin the Discovery phase of the project, we put together concept images, materials, and color palettes that we think you might love based on the conversation we had with you during our initial meeting and what we feel will work for the space. We review all of these things during the Conceptual Review meeting. This is a working meeting where we discuss all of your dreams and ideas for your home as well as how you live and how you want to use the space. We will show you (through sketches, rough floor plans and elevations, and images) different ideas and work with you to establish a direction for the design.


Then we create comprehensive renovation and decorating budgets for all of the surface materials (tile, slabs, flooring, wallcovering), plumbing & appliances, decorative lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware, furniture, window treatments, bedding, art, and accessories. We like to go over this line by line with you so you feel comfortable with everything you will be purchasing and how much you want to spend on each item.


During this phase, we also measure the home to create detailed plans and/or double check overall dimensions of the plans provided by the architect. We also look for pathways to bring in large furnishings and appliances and consider any site restrictions or limitations.

Coordination: the part where the design takes shape

After reviewing the conceptual ideas and space plans, you will then choose your favorite
design concept. Our team will guide you to make final selections for finishes and materials as
well as window treatments, furniture, and accessories – every detail for the whole project down
to the smallest decisions. You can expect to see design documents such as floor plans and elevations, 3D renderings, and furniture and material presentations that show how all the elements of the design come together as a whole.


Our next meeting will be at a plumbing/appliance showroom to select fixtures for your home. We will meet there so you can touch and feel all of the fixtures and appliances and ask questions to find out what is right for you.

With the established design direction in mind, we will begin selecting actual materials – tile for bathrooms and kitchen backsplash, countertops, cabinet and built-in finishes, wallpaper, and decorative lighting. We will have several meetings to review all the materials, lighting, and details of any custom cabinetry, vanities, the layout of your kitchen, fireplace design, etc. We will also be working on detailed elevations and floor plans so you can see your design come to life as we hone in on the details.

Once the renovation portion of the design is wrapping up, we will begin the process again with furniture. We will begin with putting together mood boards, loose selections, and fabrics. We will also draw space plans showing options for different configurations of furniture and review those with you to see what iteration best fits your needs and lifestyle. Once we have a finalized space plan, we will begin selecting actual furniture pieces and fabrics. We will have several meetings to review selections and finalize all of the selections.

Actualization: the part where the dream comes to life

After all the selections are finalized, it’s time to execute your design! We will send the
contractor a detailed design package consisting of technical design drawings, material and
finish schedules and specs, and a scope of work. This design package shows every detail we
worked on in the Coordination phase, so the contractor has all the information needed to bid
out the project and to build from.


During construction, we regularly communicate with the general contractor to coordinate scheduling and answer questions as they arise. We will conduct site walks with key subcontractors (tile installer, electrician, painter, cabinet maker, wallpaper installer, etc.) to review the design in detail before they begin working, troubleshoot any issues and unforeseen changes in site conditions, review all of the details of the design, and answer any questions. We then make regular site visits to check on the work done to make sure everything is being built per the design we painstakingly created with you.

Once construction is completed, it’s time for the furniture installation! All of the furnishings and decorative items will be brought from our receiving warehouse and we will oversee the movers as they unload and place everything in your home. We will also place all of the art and have our art installer install each piece. And finally, it’s time to enjoy your beautiful new home!